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About Us

Capital Theatre On Ice (CTOI) is a US Figure Skating Theatre On Ice team representing the Washington Figure Skating Club. The CTOI program was started in Summer 2013 at the Ashburn Ice House by Coach Kitty Kelly McGorry.

We currently have skaters at the Learn to Skate USA (Beginner), Preliminary, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Senior, and Adult levels. We also have our CTOI Performance Team: a troupe performing a full show and at different events and venues throughout the DC area.

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Our Teams

During our 2023-2024 season we took home four National medals;  two Bronze medals at the Preliminary and Senior levels, and two Pewter medals at the Juvenile and Intermediate levels.

In addition to competing at Nationals and in local competitions, we have performed in holiday events and special ice shows around DC area to support organizations such as the American Cancer Society, mental health, and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.



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Theatre On Ice (TOI) is a form of figure skating combining the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theatre and dance. Known as “Ballet on Ice” in Europe, TOI teams consist of eight to 24 skaters on the ice telling a story together. TOI brings skaters together giving athletes the chance to be a part of a team, travel locally and internationally and make new friends.

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Professional figure skating, ice dance, freestyle, theatre on ice choreography, acting, and strength coaches collaborate together to present the highest quality shows and competitive teams.

Kitty is the Director and Choreographer for Capital Theatre on Ice. She is a double gold medalist in figures and freestyle in both Canada and the United States. After turning pro, she performed as a principal in Ice Capades for 7 years and performed with Ice Theater of New York and Icesemble in Chicago. Kitty has been coaching Regional, Sectional, National, and Adult competitive skaters for the past 20 years.

Kitty McGorry

Skating Director

Kelly’s skating career began in Ottawa, Canada where she competed through the Junior level. She achieved gold levels in figures, freestyle and dance. Performing in local ice shows and TV productions gave her enjoyment and experience as a performer. Now coaching for over 25 years, Kelly enjoys working on moves in the field, jump technique in addition to Theatre on Ice. Kelly has been coaching with CTOI for seven seasons. ​​

Kelly Kryukov

Manager & TOI Coach

Whitney has been coaching TOI for four years and thoroughly enjoys the creative process involved. All ages and abilities can participate which makes the challenge all the more enjoyable for her and the skaters!​

Whitney Overchuk

TOI Coach

Rachel is a USFS double gold medalist in freestyle and moves-in-the-field. She toured professionally with Disney on Ice for eight years and has performed with American Ice Theatre. She is an eleven year competitive skater highlighted by a four-time regional finalist, a two-time Puerto Rican National Medalist, and the 2007 US National Collegiate Silver Medalist.

Rachel Nevares

TOI Coach

Skaters Shout Out

Performance Teams

Performance teams bring together skaters of every skill level for an hour-long performance. Shows are great introductions to new skaters to TOI without the cost or time commitment of a competitive team.

Our next show will be in May with skills classes in January and practices beginning in February.

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Fantasia on Ice


Take part in team shows to tell a complete story in two acts and multiple scenes. Incredible team experience  through a complete production. This is like taking part in a full-length drama musical.

All ages and all levels allowed. No moves in the field tests needed. We put on shows for all levels in May and August.


Senior Team at TOI Nationals


Join a team of expert skaters working together to tell two separate stories, a Choreographic Exercise and a Freeskate, competing with other teams at local, national, and international competitions.

Auditions take place in August & September. Skaters must have passed at least one moves in the field or dance test and be of a certain age depending on the competitive team level.


Not sure if we are a good match for you or whether you want to compete or perform? Get in touch and we’ll talk through all the options and what our skaters and parents have done in the past.


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